Boost the Credibility and Growth of your Brand Online
Your online reputation has a huge impact on how prospective and existing customers interact with your brand. A bad reputation hampers every person or business, and tarnishes its image.
There is a misconception about Reputation Management where it is linked solely with Social Media, Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, but Reputation Management is not only related to what we hear or understand, it is mainly about controlling of malicious Content/Negative Videos, Blogs etc. It is a process where we can control the content and Image presence.
Your Reputation is all about ‘what people think about you’ and Online Reputation Management services help to shape up the public perception of people, organization, investors etc. At Theos, we are the pioneers and so we understand how to help people from all walks of life, be it corporates, individuals, politicians and even retailers, in managing their Reputation Online. Our team of experts helps the clients to take control of search results on Search Engines.
The foremost step for Online Reputation Management is monitoring & tracking of negative content presented online and we have our Inbuilt Patent Proprietor tools which help us gauge same.
At Theos, we follow a different approach
Here’s how we do it.
• Removal of unwanted online mentions of your brand
• Tracking & Monitoring of new negative contents.
• Suppression of Negative Contents/Videos/Blogs.
• De-indexing of the Negative links.
• Permanent Cleaning of Negative Contents/Videos/Blogs.
• Maximizing your online and social media publicity.
• Positively promote your brand communications.
At Theos we reduce the visibility of negative content off from the first 3 pages (primary) of Google Search Engine as well as Yahoo, Bing etc. by controlling all the related relevant keywords. Our objective is not only to provide a clean reputation to our clients but also to promote their brand online in a way that it meets their expectations. Our ORM Services are designed as per the client’s requirements which are cost effective.

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