We provide our clients with human capital that possess the skills and experience to man posts that are not in their core-business relevant for them to add value to our clients business

With our large base of dedicated professionals who are innovative, brilliant and ready to add great value to your business in diverse areas such as internal audit, human resource, financial modelling, accounting services and business development services. We help to relieve our clients of unnecessary burden. Some other businesses may not want to be involved in some services that can be outsourced. At Biz Summit, we understand your need, and we have a team of experienced professionals to offer you premium service at fair prices. Our outsourcing services covers:

Internal audit: Our team of trained and experienced professionals take off the burden of internal audit function from our clients. We provide our clients with standardized internal audit service while erasing the intimidating threat that internal audit face. We also eliminate from our clients the possible self-review and familiarity threats that internal auditors may face.

Human Resource: Human Resource is almost about the most important support service to a friendly and productive work environment. From recruitment, performance review system, payroll computation to other vital services of excellent Human Resource Function, Biz Summit, provides the right mix timely and effectively.

CFO and Finance team: We have a team of experienced and dedicated financial professionals to provide entire Finance team as a suite or any of the stand-alone accounting and finance functions. We have experience across many industries and our time to deployment is relatively short and convenient.