Our consulting service focuses on helping our clients in the design of efficient operational structure and strategy development or modification. We believe no organisation can grow beyond its operational structure. 

Strategy and Operations
The presence or otherwise of business strategies does not determine the success or failure of an organization. Many organizations have gone down, even with the right strategy and plan in place. Therefore, developing the right strategy is a necessary but insufficient condition for organizational success.

One of the primary reasons some organizations fail today is because of a lack of implementation of the right business strategy. Apart from developing the right strategy, organizations must develop the right processes or align the existing ones to the new strategy.

From our research and review of some failed and ailing companies, we noted that there is a disconnect between new business strategies and operational processes. Some business strategies are aligned with the vision and mission statement but disconnected from the core values, processes, and activities. We conclude that the alignment of business strategies with operational processes and activities is an essential requirement for the successful execution of business strategies.

In addition to helping businesses develop new strategies, we also help organizations to modify and align their core values, operational processes, and activities. We provide implementation support to ensure the sustainability of our clients in their business environment.

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Business Transformation

Our consulting service also covers business process engineering either as a stand-alone service or as an integral part of developing operational structure and procedures. We believe that developing the right functional structure is the backbone of business success. No business can thrive beyond its operational structure.

A sustainable business model must continuously scan and appropriately respond to the rapid changes in the business environment. People’s tastes and attractions change rapidly, thereby influencing the product and services that an organization offers. The failure of any organization to respond to these changes promptly may quickly transit a company from a growth stage to the dreaded declining phase. While some of the changes may be temporary, without any immediate harmful impact on business, many changes are permanent, and they could have a terminal effect on businesses. Therefore, at the heart of every business transformation is the institution of appropriate triggers to track when fundamental changes are required.

Many great companies in the past have disappeared naturally for failure to respond to necessary environmental changes. Unfortunately, the impact of a business transformation project would last and only valid as long as the changes it responds to persists. How often, then, should an organization carry out a business transformation project, considering the considerable cost of such a project. The frequency of a transformation project depends on the resilience of the business model.

At Biz Summit, we support our clients in building an appropriate and functional model. Our transformation services cover change management, digital transformation, process transformation and business modelling. We can help anchor your business transformation journey.

You can reach us on +234 8188888893 or email: biz@bizsummit.biz

Management Consultancy Services

Development and Implementation of financial, costing and Management Consultancy Services

  •   Study and review of existing accounting and management information system.
  •  Project evaluation – acquisition, mergers and disinvestment of Industrial Units.
  •  Project Feasibility Studies.
  •  Dealing with financial Institutions for raising capital and arranging finance.
  •   Project coordination and liaisoning with technical experts.
  •  Personnel resource management including recruitment.
  •  Business administration.
  •  Project Rehabilitation/Revitalization activities.
  • Performance/Management Audits.

You can reach us on +234 8188888893 or email: biz@bizsummit.biz