We assist in the setting up of the accounting systems of its clients. These accounting system ranges from:

  • Manual or traditional and written systems
  • Semi manual systems where transactions are entered in excel formats before transferring to the manual ledger books of accounts
  • Automated accounting system by the use of accounting packages such as:-
  • Sage Software products such as Peachtree accounting packages
  • Dack easy
  • Axapta accounting packages
  • and others
  • Setting up of internet based accounting system where the server is thousands of distances away from the based and transactions are entered into the database or server live.

We also collaborate with computer professionals to set up accounting systems for banks and financial institutions where by customers can access their accounts wherever they are.

Further information on how we can help you, please call us on +234 8188888893 or email: biz@bizsummit.biz